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Korean Crash Course - The sleeping baby method(tm)

"how valuable do you think it would be for you to understand what Koreans are saying amongst themselves in Korean?"

The Learn Korean Overnight System is a totally passive "no-effort," subliminal learning methodology.

Rapidly understand only the most common Korean business words.

There are no subliminal messages in the mp3. Playing it as you sleep is what makes it subliminal.

Wake up tomorrow morning with a strong grasp of key Korean business terms.

This is the same technique used by Harvard and Yale University students.

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This Korean Overnight language system is not for everyone. In fact we do not teach you a single sentence or even how to say "hello". If you are looking for a comprehensive language instruction system, you'll find plenty others out there.

Korean Overnight is an intense navy seals commando level system designed to empower you to simply understand what is being said around you. It's core language survival. Instead of teaching you how to speak the language, we teach you to understand what is being said - overnight. As you know from having studied a foreign language in the past, your ability to understand what is being said grows much more rapidly than your ability to speak that language. This being the case, Korean Overnight BUSINESS EDITION does an alarmingly effective job at giving you an intimate familiarity with the most common Korean words used in business today.

Why would you want to understand business Korean without the ability to speak it? In a business setting most Koreans understand basic english. You will not experience an impasse in communication with Koreans if you speak English. But how valuable do you think it would be for you to understand what Koreans are saying amongst themselves in Korean. They will likely speak freely and not even imagine that you can speak their language. They would ofcourse be correct. You will not be able to speak Korean but you will know what they are saying.

You could spend years learning the intricacies of the Korean language's conjunctions, prepositions, and conjugations. Or you could spend a few days learning the top hundred most common nouns, and their modifiers. Which would help you understand the spoken language most effectively? Obviously, all you need to know for a strong grasp of what's being said around you is the subject matter (nouns) and what is being said about each noun (verbs and adjectives).

This is exactly what Korean Overnight gives you. You will learn dozens of the most commonly used Korean words in business - overnight. That's all there is to it. This is truely a Korean crash course.

But how we teach you these words requires absolutely no effort on your part. In fact, educators and psychologists agree that the more effort and stress you put into the learning process, the more your learning is inhibited. So how do we teach you these vocabulary words? We subliminally link your new vocabulary to the English vocabulary you already use - overnight. How? Simple. The same way you learned your first language as a baby - subliminally while you slept.

In your sleep, all your walls come down. Your prejudices about how hard it is to learn a language, your fears of embarasing yourself, your stress barriers, and inhibitions all come down. This is when you are most receptive to learn. This is when we link your current vocabulary with a new set of Korean terms. You'll wake up the next morning with a whole new set of verbal associations. It's that simple.

You've read enough. The Learn Korean Overnight system is not about reading, it's about listening. So, to hear how you will learn your new vocabulary press the play button below. Let's let the inventor of the Learn Korean Overnight system, Mr. Kim Wan Qi, explain what you are about to experience...


Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you are not satisfied, we will refund you 110% of your purchase price! limit one per household (obviously).
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Full 180 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Simply play it on autorepeat as you sleep throughout the night.
Wake up the next day with your new Korean vocabulary.

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