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The Fastest Way to Learn Korean...

You remember what you practice. So just learn the top 100 vocabulary words you'll practice and hear ever day.

Webster's International Dictionary says that if you only learn 100 vocab words, you'll understand over 50% of what people say in Korea. To understand 100% of what people say, you need to learn 2,700 words.

So all you have to do is listen to the top 100 most popular words and you'll rapidly become familiar with 50% of what people are saying in KPOP songs, K-Dramas, and the streets of Korea.

But it gets better.

There's a system for learning to write and read Korean that makes it even faster. We didn't invent it. The original founder of the Korean alphabet character set, Great King Sejong did.

The videos might just impress you:

Top 10 Most Frequently Used Korean Vocab Words

The Top 5 Most Frequently Used KPOP Vocab Words

3 Hidden Secrets to Understanding Korean

How to Read and Write Korean Hangul in 30 Seconds
(for real)

Learning to Read Hangul Fast (detailed examples)

Finally, Learn 50% of What's Being Said in Korea with Just 100 Vocab Words:

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